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A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.

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Mr. Right movie full length review - Just....wow.

At this point in his career I will see just about anything that Sam Rockwell stars in. He has proved that, not only can he steal the show but more times than not, he is the only person that can carry any given film.

The same is true in 'Mr. Right'. Just imagine typical Rockwell then add the fact that he dances his way through fight scenes and you have Mr. Right. If you couldn't already guess by that bit of info and the quirky poster, this film is very strange. It's about this girl who just recently broke up with her boyfriend when she meets Rockwell. A highly trained gun for hire that is on the run from some very bad people. Then they fall in love and kill a bunch of people. To this movies credit, watching it was an experience unlike any other. It is fast paced and very goofy. This blend of action, comedy, and romance was something that I really liked. It was often far funnier than many devoted comedies that I have seen. Whether it was the bickering villains or the bromance between Fancis and steve 'Mr. Right' was an undeniable good time.

Max Landis may get hate for his work more often than not but he consistently makes fun films. They are upbeat, fast, and extremely hyperactive. Yet, some of the hate he gets is warranted. With 'Mr. Right' the problem with his script is often the dialogue. Some of it is absolutely cringe worthy.

Listening to Sam Rockwell call someone a poopy head in all seriousness made me utter a very audible groan. The film was full of seriously bad dialogue that watching Rockwell and Kendrick try to save it was just sad. In my opinion, Anna Kendrick is one of the better offbeat actors working. She can pull off anything. Or so I thought, until I saw this movie.

Apparently the one thing that she can not pull of is an insane, unlikable, and childish girl having a wicked mid life crisis. She was incredibly bad in this movie. Now, was she working with much? Not really. But why on earth did she choose to portray her character as a bi-polar, high pitched voice, hyper ten year old?

This is also a bit of the writings fault though. I have no idea why the choice was made to make her act like she was a nine year old. She says things like, I'm a T-Rex, Rawr. Every single time she appeared on screen I wanted to gauge my eyes out. Yes, she and her character are just that bad.

But the absolute worst part of this movie is the directing. This is directed by Paco Cabezas, who has given us such masterpieces like; 'Rage' and 'Neon Flash'. Coming out of this movie I can honestly say, that this is the most lazily directed film I have seen for past year. Even in the most basic shots he fails.

When characters are talking back and forth and the camera switches between the two, most of the time the person talking isn't actually talking. They just overlayed their voice and hoped you didn't notice. The action scenes are a mix of shaky cam and quick cutting which results in headaches from not being able to see anything that is happening. And, to make things worse, he can't even position actors in the same spot for different takes.

There are many times where an actor moves across the room between two cuts. It's never acknowledged by the other characters so I can only assume that the director just didn't care enough to make things look the same. These mistakes aren't just things that reviewers like me can catch either. No, these mistakes are so apparent that a blind man, standing with his back turned could point them out.

I have never seen such deplorable direction in movie with names like the ones this has. It's absolutely mind boggling that seemingly no one even cared enough to make sure things looked the same from shot to shot. The only person in the whole movie that I didn't hate with a fiery passion is Sam Rockwell. He and Max Landis need to wipe their hands of this film quick or it might just ruin their careers.