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The film centers on Dr. Marcus, a renowned psychiatrist who has selected 6 severe mentally ill and dangerous patients from the Spring Valley Mental Hospital to interview as part of research for his new book. As Dr. Marcus interviews each patient, one by one the horrors they have committed begin to unfold. However, Dr. Marcus soon learns that there is one patient who ties them all together - Patient Seven.

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Patient Seven movie full length review - Stolen ending, amateur conclusion, a blunt and unworthy disappointment.

I'm sure you've read the short plot summary or seen a trailer. Seven mentally ill criminals, telling their stories to a psychiatrist writing a book, and all that in a Horror story.

.. what could go wrong? Well, if you've sat down to watch this with high expectations - everything. If you haven't - well, just enough to make you feel alright about taking the time to give it a chance, but a bit guilty for enjoying parts of it, as altogether - Patient Seven is far from good.

Let me start with the good parts, firstly the acting. I was pretty impressed, but I couldn't tell you precisely with whom (and if you try to look at the cast list here, you'll understand why, perhaps they used the time an effort they should have used to make a better film to make the cast list cryptic and incomprehensible, good for them!). Secondly, the stories are well presented and fun to follow.

Now the bad parts - anything and everything else. The "plot twist" bluntly stolen from another film, the sorry conclusion, the realization that yes, it was actually made this badly and I've just spent 2 hours watching it... Yes, the stories are enjoyable, but having a build up crash so pathetically really destroys the experience for me. I honestly felt like punching the screenwriter. Besides, the plots are too "all-star", meaning trying to combine as many horror aspects as possible (vampires, haunting, zombies, psycho killers etc.) and doing a mediocre and below job.

Watching it was kinda fun, until it ended and became the most disappointing Horror film I've ever watched (and that's saying something). Do NOT watch this. I guess rating it a 1 isn't all that fair, but neither was making this film to begin with or stealing an ending. Yeah, I'll go with 1.