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In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead - and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife movie full length review - From a Resident Evil Gamer's Point of View...

Don't waste your money. It's a good movie ONLY if you haven't played the games. Here's why it angered me;

They messed up Wesker's virus. They claim he's infected by the T-virus and than make him have "symptoms" from the Majini parasite from RE5 game. And even then, it's wrong. His virus is the Progenitor virus - which isn't the same as the T-virus or the parasite that make the Majini. Not only that, the Plagas that is used to make the Majini often spurts out of the infected one's mouth, which they had Wesker do TWICE. They also had him crazy enough to foolishly believe that if he "ingested" Alice's flesh (who was the only one to perfectly bond with the T-virus) he would gain control over his own virus. Wesker is crazy- smart, but he's not crazy enough to go cannibal (though he is crazy enough to believe he is God).

The Cerberus are also infected by the same parasite that make the Majini (Type 2 or Type 3 Plagas). This is not correct - as the Cerberus enemy are T-virus infected dogs - not Plagas-infected dogs.

Alice was turned back into a human by Wesker injecting antibodies to the T-virus into her and she's still Super-God moder throughout the movie. (But her clones were all killed within the first 10 minutes, so that made me happy).

Claire gets one AWEsome fight scene in the entire movie, and than Alice usurps her by finishing off the Executioner.

They stole a scene DIRECTLY OUT OF RE5 and replaced Sheva with Claire. Here's that scene (minus the conversation - starting from 0:17-1:20): And it should be noted, that while that scene was going on, Alice was just STANDING THERE, afraid of the two Cerberus, even though in the first movie she managed to kick one in the face LONG BEFORE SHE WAS EVEN INFECTED.

They also made the P30 devices, used to control people, on K-mart and Claire ridiculously easy to tear off while in RE5 it takes forever to rip it off of Jill. Not to mention they added "memory loss" as a symptom of that device - which is also incorrect.

Also, the zombies from previous installments of this movie franchise have suddenly evolved into the Majini from RE5. Zombies are beings infected by a VIRUS while Majini are beings that host a PARASITE. The virus does not mutate or evolve into a parasite, thus this is incorrect as well.

I can't say anything on the 3D, since I tend to avoid them because I can't get contacts in my eyes and I ENJOY seeing the movie clearly.... and it's hard as high heck to get the 3D glasses over prescription glasses anyways...

The soundtrack was iffy to me, I liked the music but not for the movie and the action scenes. Not to mention the needless amount of slow motion scenes that were, as I've seen posted around here, used only to further show off the 3D effects. Speaking of action scenes there were only a handful of them and when a character died it was often too quick to see much gore or it was off-screen, which does not make for a good horror genre film like the Resident Evil movies are SUPPOSED to be.

Many of the video game characters that were copied over from the games weren't played through right. There was an emotional distance between Chris and his sister Claire even though in the games, Claire was caught in Raccoon City because she was searching for her brother Chris, while Chris went running off to Antarctica to save his little sister when she needed it (though Claire had amnesia at the time, so her being emotionally distant is understandable). Albert Wesker's name was never once mentioned, either - so only those who are familiar with Resident Evil's big bad via video games would instantly know who he is.

In fact, I'm convinced the only reason they added Wesker into the movie was so they did not have to create a big bad villain of their own, as Wesker is one of the most notable villains of all time, even ranking in Game Informer's Top 10 Most Notable Villains in the past. This shows lack of thinking and creativity on their part - not to mention all the flaws and mistakes with the information that come directly out of the game's franchise (as noted above) - which leads me to believe that Paul W.S. Anderson was lying when he claimed to be a Resident Evil fan.... or they just had some random intern with an IQ of 10 play the games and take notes for them...

It would just be easier and a much happier time for everyone to buy all the Resident Evil games and make a night out of it. Get the Playstations/XBOX 360 and GameCube/Wii hooked up and go to town on some zombies. While the games themselves have flaws it's much easier to understand than that plot-less movie that is Afterlife not to mention I've played each game several times through and some parts STILL make me jump.