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The killer doll is back! The all-new film is the fifth in the popular series of Chucky ("Child's Play") horror comedies. Making his directorial debut is the franchise creator and writer of all five films, Don Mancini. The film introduces Glen (voiced by "The Lord of the Rings" star Billy Boyd), the orphan doll offspring of the irrepressible devilish-doll-come-to-life Chucky (again voiced by series

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Seed of Chucky movie full length review - A new vision towards today's Horror movies. A movie like none other.

This is the whacked out sequel of the "Child's Play" series. Every popular and respected horror franchise has a crazy sequel; examples include: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Evil Dead 2, Friday the 13th part VI, and the Return of the Living Dead series.

"Seed of Chucky" is a horror comedy that runs at high speed without brakes! Seed has no limits and respect for anyone. There's plenty of explicit violence and strong sex related jokes that's almost no present in previous Child's Play movies. If you think the doll sex scene from "Bride of Chucky" was too much, well, you haven't seen nothing! Seed's equivalent of the sex scene is Chucky masturbating There are more sex jokes in the movie that pop out whenever you don't expect. Gore is great here. We get a violent beheading, a burning, acid melting a man's face, and Redman getting his guts out. And as usual there's plenty of doll violence. I couldn't help but think about the Wayans brothers when watching the movie. The are many jokes a la "Scary Movie" that are present in Seed. The black humor used in "Bride of Chucky" is still in this movie but it's has been influenced by the kind of humor that SNL or the Wayans do. "Seed" isn't related to the original "Child's Play" in any way expect for Chucky doing a couple of murders. There's no suspense but it's not necessary because black humor and gore replace it perfectly. The "Shining" spoof is the highlight spoof of the movie. The Chucky masturbation scene is on it's way to become a very infamous moment in horror cinema. I loved the Fangoria detail. And I don't know what does Mancini has against Martha Stewart but I like it! "Martha Stewart is being executed today". If you thought nothing could match the "F*** Martha Stewart" line from Bride, you have to think twice. The Glen/Glenda sexual confusion is also a new aspect in the movies. It totally works for the movie and you can't help but laugh at some points. Glen/Glenda is a lunatic in all the sense of the word. I'm satisfied with "Seed of Chucky". You expect a horror comedy in the like of "Bride" but you get more than that. You get a nasty horror comedy that will make you love Chucky more.

Jennifer Tilly is perfect in her role as, uh, herself. She does a wonderful job making fun of herself. I mean, I can't think of other actress that would stand jokes about her overweight, age, sex life, love life, reputation, or her moral behavior. She's also great to look at every time she's on screen. Her cleavage should get special mention. Her legs, her waist, oh what a hot woman. She's a great actress and now a favorite in the genre. She displayed perfectly the personal life of actresses and the clichés about Hollywood (an actress having an affair with her driver, crisis over her career going downhill, prostituting herself in order to get a good role, etc.). Mancini makes a strong critic against Hollywood and that's always very welcome. The horror genre strikes!

Brad Dourif is also magnificent as Chucky; the man gave our favorite doll killer a personality and no one like him can curse and talk dirty! The Dourif-Tilly alliance is the spinal cord of the series. Chucky is damn funny, clever, cynical, violent; he's the real pimp of the movie. Chucky is an effective and brutal killer, take him seriously.

Love them. Billy Boyd does a good job as Glen or Glenda. His accent works perfect for the part. Hannah (the girl from S Club 7) is also good when she appears on screen. She's very cute and I felt very sorry for her. She's a nice addition to the genre. Redman delivered and did what he could. His character didn't ask for much and he seemed to have fun playing the part. LL Cool J started this crazy liking for rappers in horror movies.

Don Mancini's direction is great if you compare it to today's standards. The man knows how to create a suspense and creepy scenes. The opening of the movie is great! The POV of Glen/Glenda when killing the father is stuff to dig into. You expect the stabbing but you can't say when. Excellent scene; one of the best in the series. His takes were creative and worked perfect for the movie's quick development. If you are going to make a horror movie that deals with Hollywood, Britney Spears, and paparazzi you need fast and attractive scenes; Seed delivers.

I don't know if this humor will continue if there's a future sequel but I will enjoy for many years this twisted humor that Mancini inserted in his own creation. The "Child's Play" franchise is very popular in the genre because of it's diversity. Don Mancini grew as a script writer and his maturity is very welcomed in the genre. First, Chucky was an evil doll, then he became a violent slasher, then he started to crack jokes like Freddy Krueger and became a vulgar slasher, until "Bride" where be became cynically violent. Nobody like Chucky!

Chucky wisely says that he's proud of being Chucky the infamous killer doll. He should stay that way and he will increase his popularity as one of the audience's favorite slashers. I'm not sure if Tiffany and Glen will make it to the next sequel but their characters will forever be a weird and twisted addition to the genre.

8/10. "Seed of Chucky" is not an easy watch if you watch it with high expectations and take it as a horror movie. "Seed" is a twisted, black humor, horror comedy. Nastiness is the spinal cord of the movie. Nastiness in this movie divides into gore and jokes. What else can you ask for in a horror comedy?!