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The killer doll is back! The all-new film is the fifth in the popular series of Chucky ("Child's Play") horror comedies. Making his directorial debut is the franchise creator and writer of all five films, Don Mancini. The film introduces Glen (voiced by "The Lord of the Rings" star Billy Boyd), the orphan doll offspring of the irrepressible devilish-doll-come-to-life Chucky (again voiced by series

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Seed of Chucky movie full length review - Dolly will be pleased to know that she has now become an aunt!

I enjoyed Seed Of Chucky because it was a lot more entertaining than "Bride Of Chucky" with Tiffany and Chucky knowing that they are parents, Jennifer Tilly being admired by Tiffany and of course, having an offspring in the family named: "Glenda".

But do you know what would have given this movie more vibe, the screen writer should have put Dolly Dearest in this because, she is now an aunt, "Aunt Dolly". WHAT A PITY that Dolly didn't get a part in this film. SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN FREAKIER THAN CHUCKY THAT'S FOR SURE!!!!

The movie begins with Glenda (Billy Boyd) being given to a little girl named Claudia ( Bethany Simons Danville) as a Birthday gift and she thought he was ugly so she put Glenda in the cupboard and late at night, he went and attacked the parents ( Simon James Morgan and Stephanie Chambers) and OH! THIS WAS SO FUNNY when Glenda looked in the mirror, he got a fright! And the little girl caught him and told Glenda that he wet his pants. AWW SHAME!The poor little thing! And right before our eyes, it was all just a dream. Glenda wondered why he kept having those dreadful nightmares!

Now Glenda was discovered by Psychs ( Keith-Lee Castle) in a cemetery back in L.A when he also discovered the bodies of Chucky and Tiffany. Psychs used Glenda as a puppet in comedy hours. And Glenda was not a killer doll like his mother and father , he is a gentle, warm and loving toy and he can also speak Japanese because he was made in Japan and so was Tiffany.And to my surprise, Glenda was a she-male! BUT GOSH! He was HIDEOUS! I'm sure Dolly would have fainted if she heard her nephew was meek and mild but she would give a demonic squeal of joy if she heard how hideous Glenda was! But one thing that gave me a warm feeling inside was when I noticed that Glenda has a resemblance to his mother. That is so natural. Boys usually do look like their moms and girls usually look like their dads.

Anyways, back to the movie. It seems Glenda was stranded in London and when he heard about his parents who were in Hollywood, he decided to make a run for it and got to L.A safely. When he got there, he found his parents and he brought them back to life with a peculiar amulet with writing on the back.

The freakiest part in this film was when some dude opened up Tiffany at the back and saw all her insides. Gosh! These dolls have become human! And Tiffany killed him. Glenda was shocked to see who his parents really were, but Tiff has a very soft spot for her child, and she is pleased that she is a mother but Chucky wasn't at all happy that he became a father.

And soon, Chucky excepted Glenda as his son and he wanted to teach Glen how to murder people. I was surprised that Chucky could drive because he is so small. Here comes another laugh, Brittany Spears ( Nadia Dina Ariqate) decided to overtake Chucky and she gave him a zap and then Chucky came up to the side of Brit's car and casted her off a cliff and Chucky said: " Oops! I did it again!" Soon, Tiffany began to admire Jennifer Tilly because she was so famous so, she, Chucky and Glenda went over to Tilly's place and did a number of murders. The funniest murder was when she stabbed Redman in the stomach and Redman's stomach ran out and landed on the floor. Those stomach guts looked like hot, raw Boerewors ( South African sausage) to me. It's about time we saw Tiffany pick up a knife and stab her victims. She looked so SCARY! Later on in the film, Jennifer Tilly became pregnant and Tiffany helped her out as Jen and her boyfriend were tied to the bed. And CONGRATULATIONS! Jennifer had twins, a boy and a girl. And soon, Tiffany knocked Jennifer out and tried to transfer her soul into her body and suddenly, Chucky appears kills Tiff with an Axe. After that, there was an entertaining action scene with Glenda fighting his father with ninja style and it was ended with Glenda hacking up Chucky with an Axe.

A few years later at Glen's birthday party, Jennifer Tilly's housekeeper Fulvia ( Rebecca Snatos) was complaining about the Tiffany doll looking at her because, she found her so intimidating and suddenly, Jennifer bashes Fulvia with the doll , laughs, and her brown eyes change to blue. TIFFANY HAS POSSESSED JENNIFER TILLY!!!Well, everything looks back to normal because everyone is human and that includes Glenda. Glenda became a boy named Glen ( Beans El-Balawi) and a girl named Glenda ( Kristina Hewitt). It seems Glenda possessed the twin babies. And to end the film, Glen got a birthday gift and when he opened it, Chucky's arm shot out! That was pretty freaky! Seed of Chucky was a fun movie and it sure did keep me entertained for an hour and a half at the cinema but as for my sister Alex, she found it so bad that she asked me for the movie ticket because she wanted to go out have a smoke. Oh well! My sister is like that when it comes to killer doll film because it's not her genre. I was shocked to see that there were only eleven people including my sister and I watching this film. I am telling you all, it's a REAL FUN movie! And I wonder what Dolly would have looked like if she transfered herself into a person's body?????????