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A seemingly-harmless snow globe unleashes a devastating winter storm on a peaceful mountainside community, prompting one family on a race to save their town from certain destruction. As night falls on Christmas Eve, the Miller family finds a gift-wrapped snow globe just outside their door. Inside is an exact replica of their town - right down to the smallest detail. But this isn't your typical holiday decoration, because every time it's shaken, a blank of snow a blizzard blasts through town. Later, when the buttons on the globe plunge the town into total chaos, the Miller's must find a way to stop the destruction once and for all.

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Snowmageddon movie full length review - Still waiting for the snow to arrive...

Well, it isn't going to become any Christmas classic, that's for sure.

The story in "Snowmageddon" is about a mysterious snow globe that is left at the doorstep of the Miller family. The snow globe is a replica of the small lazy town of Normal, Alaska. Rudy Miller discovers that the catastrophic events that unfold inside the snow globe once it is winded up also happens in real life, right in their little town.

Initially, the storyline is sort of silly, but the movie actually works out well enough, because it is so cheesy. However, what makes this movie bearable to sit through is the acting. People cast for the movie actually pulled off their characters quite nicely, and it could have been much worse, had their acting skills been halting as is the case in most of these type of movies. But luckily, the cast here were able to pull up the movie.

As for the effects, well... Let's just say, don't prepare yourself to be blown away by the special effects. The effects in "Snowmageddon" are far from impressive. They do, however, get the job done, and most of the time work out well enough.

There are far worse movies of the same genre out there, many of which spewed out from SyFy Channel and The Asylum, so it was a fresh breath of air to have a movie that actually managed to stay a bit more afloat in the pond of otherwise unbearable movies.

One thing did puzzle me about "Snowmageddon", though. For a movie with a title such as it did, where was all the snow? I was expecting blizzards and such, but the snow was restricted to the mountain alone. And that sort of took away something from the movie, because the title did hint towards something that unfortunately never took place.

If you enjoy cheesy and campy disaster movies, where the story doesn't necessarily have to be 'realistic', then "Snowmageddon" is perhaps worth your time. I do believe, however, that this movie is the type of movie you watch once and then never again.