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Sons and daughters of international billionaires are sent to an boot camp where they are taught basic survival skills in hopes it will teach them responsibility. When they are taken hostage and taken for ransom by kidnappers, they will need to utilize every skill they learned to survive.

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Take Down movie full length review - I kinda thought it would be a stinker - NOT!

In my experience when a movie changes its title - it is a sign of bad things to come. so approaching viewing this one, I had no high hopes.

Being on the older side of many members here, I admit I didn't really recognize the actors by name - as I started to watch I did know a few. The story line is not new, SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT, when the location changes from the U.S. to where the majority of the movies takes place, it gets better. The setting is beautiful, the plot takes time to get to the 'action', but, it does, and it doesn't stink! I am an easy reviewer, I just like to be entertained, and having no great expectations, this was a very entertaining movie.