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A family who moved into a remote mill house in Ireland finds themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the woods.

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The Hallow movie full length review - great idea poor performance

To those that did not understand what the movie is about, the movie is about faeries in their original version.

Problem is the director did not make a thorough research and basically constructed everything with little connection to the actual creatures. for clarity I will first explain what faeries are and how they were regarded before Disney transformed them from evil to good creatures. The word fairy refers to any magical creature from the European folklore and no fairy was actually benevolent or even benign but rather pesky and malevolent. According to Irish folklore mainly faeries were split into two groups: the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court. The Unseelie is what was later to be named monster having basically a pure destructive behavior. The Seelie Court was more like the Mafia meaning that as long as you paid your protection tax and did not mess in their business you were relatively safe. Some of these creatures were associated with minor fertility deities and such part of they toll they required human sacrifice. Most fairies walked either in disguise or invisible and could get severely offended by the most trivial thing. And if you offended a fairy being maimed was the least that could happen to you. Acting as the Mafia people tried to stay on their good side out of fear and usually called them "the good folk". One of the most common thing the fairies did was kidnap children and replace them with fairy children. After the switch the human child would be raised by them and eventually marry a fairy and such the two bloodlines combined. In his place was left either a fairy child or a piece of wood or other enchanted object that the parents were bewitched into thinking to be their own child. In the first case the child would grow up to be very wicked and disobedient while in the second the imitation would appear to get sick and die.Changelings also explain the fairy godmother story which is more tragic for the parents that it seems since the child is a fairy child that makes their life hell. (Puts a different note on the whole fairy godmother stuff right?).Anyway to make a long story short there were various ways to check if your child is a changeling and ways in which it would be possible to get your child back, although usually they failed. And now to the movie. The first thing that annoys about the movie is the lack of exposition. There is little to no explanation to what is happening until the very last minutes of the movie. Second problem is that it tells the story in a very fragmented way that is not actually engaging. Half of the time you do not even understand what is going on. The third problem was how the director decided to portray the outside appearance of the fairies. In all stories the fairy folk look very beautiful but in the same time they have something of the pale look of a dead person or a ghost. So instead of creating some strange creatures maybe some humans with strange eyes and teeth that grow to be fangs would suffice. To me it seems he went to much towards the gore aspect rather than sticking with the drama between the parents which should have been central to all. One of the parents thinks the child is a changeling the other does not want to believe it and so on.