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An amnesiac must reach back into his mind for memories that will help him save the love of his life before a virus completely takes over.

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The Hive movie full length review - The Hive

I didn't know what to exactly expect from The Hive, and after having watched it, my ambivalence remains, because despite including an interesting premise and an attractive vis

ual style, the screenplay tends to deflate as we start to guess where the "big mystery" is heading, not to mention that some poor performances ruin various scenes which should have been shocking but end up being just irritating due to the null talent from the actors. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that director David Yarovesky decided to face such an unusual project in his first film. First, the pros: the mystery contained in The Hive is interesting, and it is well built in order to keep us in suspense about its origin and possible evolution. Co-screenwriters Yarovesky and Will Honley play with our expectations, offering us vague clues of an uncertain meaning... Are we in the middle of a zombie invasion, a multiple satanic possession or a simple epidemic of apocalyptic proportions? Fortunately, the answer is more complicated (even though it includes a bit of all that), and it's interesting to build the puzzle at the same time as the main character. At least, that's what I felt during the first half of The Hive. But eventually, new clues to solve the mystery are revealed, and that's when it feels a bit tiring to spin around the same events while the main character writes notes on the walls and experiments repetitive flashbacks to reach the "big revelation" we had been waiting from half an hour before. However, the main problem is the bad performances from Gabriel Basso as the main character and Jacob Zachar as his best friend. Both feel very forced in their roles, and as a consequence, it's difficult for the audience to root for their characters. Fortunately, the supporting actors make a decent work in their roles, including Kathryn Prescott, Gabrielle Walsh, Elya Baskin and Sean Gunn. In conclusion, The Hive managed to keep me interested, and I can give it a moderate recommendation as a curious fusion of horror and science fiction. Its second half decays a bit, but it still brings us new information to complement the mystery I felt kinda predictable. With better actors than Basso and Zachar and a more refined screenplay, The Hive might have been a hidden gem; but in its current state, it fell short of its big potential, and even though I found it interesting, it didn't leave me completely satisfied.