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"The Hollow Point" tells the story of a botched Mexican cartel deal in the back roads of a border town. The town's new sheriff (Wilson) must team up with the retired lawman he replaced to investigate the source of the deal in order to stop a mysterious cartel butcher and his systematic brutalization of the town's residents.

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The Hollow Point movie full length review - A Bad Thriller and a Worse Romance

I really, really wanted to like this movie. I'm been on sort of a reading bender these days of mostly pulp noir stuff so this fit right in. It all got just way too stupid.

The story is up to its eyebrows in murders, double-cross, mutilations with a machete, and then they want to squeeze in a romance as well? I think that there are just too many passengers on this hour and a half bus ride. Because if you want to make a romance then make one and leave the drug cartels and amputations out of that movie. Because if you want to make a romance movie we'll call Jenifer Aniston or one of those actresses and you can make a romance.

I see what they are trying to do here. They're trying to "put a human face" to the horrific events that punctuate the flirty banter between the two principals. All this does is screw up the pacing and it leaves a lot less time for the story to make any sense at all.

This represents what I feel to be the greatest failing of almost every movie and TV show, at least the bad ones (and most movies these days are bad). This misuse of time ruins most films made these days, that and just plain bad writing. This had some moments of decent writing and perhaps even something of a cool story but so much time was wasted in trying to cobble together some half-arsed love angle that it crashed before it ever got off the ground.


The guy has a huge handgun and the other guy gets the drop on him first with a damn shovel and then a machete? That's seems like some lousy police work. Why didn't he go directly to the hospital after he lost his arm? He wouldn't have made it without medical attention overnight.

The hit man has a literal list, like written down on paper and he crosses off the names like his Saturday to-do list? Too stupid for words. And then the cop somehow gets under the house when he was hiding in the closet?