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In a not too distant future, a totalitarian state run by ‘The Director” (Seagal) controls all aspects of life. All enemies of the state are dealt in the harshest way. Most of them are executed by the secret government’s assassins. The best operative is code-named “Condor” (Messner) – an elite agent and hit man for the government. However, in his latest assignment, “Condor” fails to kill an opposition leader, and finds himself on the run from the very same government agency that he works for. This sets in motion a chain of events with unforseen consequences for all involved.

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The Perfect Weapon movie full length review - Bad movie, unless you prepare for a beat the baddies and some "message" from the director

Other reviews got it spot on, but basically the errors within the movie are painful to watch sometimes. I could not understand how object in the movie where more important to display than reason for them to be there.

No good can come from this and the hidden message is clear enough if you understand "police state" and "facebook" + "google"...there are better movies depicking these topics. rewatch Judge Dredd or Minority Report.

Here be spoilers SPOILER, but when a person is trown against a mirror, and it breaks like car windows do. Like tempered glass, breaking in there little square blocks and the goodie beats the baddie by grabbing a big chunk, a real shard and behind the baddie, you can still see the whole mirror, in one piece, broken, but all glass still in place... Its relatively in the beginning of the movie.

So, if you can take this or drink some beer and want a beat em up movie... this might be something. There is some partial nudity and some "deeper" message that Seagal tries to bring upon you. but he could have written a blogpost and made more headlines. this movie is painful to watch, direction errors, people don't seem to talk yet you hear them, somewhat plot holes and the kills... seem unrealistic and needlessly displayed more bloody then would in real life. and no.... sadly not so badly that it is funny. CGI is 90s B movie style... overall, a bad movie.

Who is gonna read my review if others written better ones? well, if you find my review weird and still wanna watch it. Go on. There is some cute blonde girl in the movie and Seagal is fighting bad... SPOILER, goodies... what? yes, this time he is the baddie. But hes older too, so no awesome real fights, just cutscene just so it seems he fights. There is some message you could talk about, like how many times you see a Illuminati reverence. And why (SPOILER) does he kills the lady he thought he loved. And ..

MESSAGE TO Steven seagal: do you really intend for a second movie? please... Don't. make some reality show in Rusia or ask Trump for some whitehouse action BeatTheBaddies. This was not it and the ending.... insert disappointing strong word.