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A mother and her 10-year old daughter are trapped in a forest. There is something in this forest. Something unlike anything they have heard before. Something the lurks in the darkness and it’s coming after them.

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There Are Monsters movie full length review - I wish it could have stayed as strong until the end as it was around minute 30

"The Monster" is an American 90-minute movie from 2016 and there is some talk about this film because it is a relatively recent release.

The writer and director is Bryan Bertino and it his his third effort as a filmmaker in these two positions (and producing as well). The most known cast member is Zoe Kazan, who plays one of the two protagonists. Scott Speedman may also be known to some. This movie here is a mix of family drama and horror. The mother (who lives separated from the father) is an alcohol addict and she realizes she needs to change something in order to lead a normal life with her daughter again. But first of all she takes her kid to her father for the weekend. It is pretty late and dark already and you probably guess what that means. Yep, that's where the horror starts. When in the car the two hit an animal and it turns out it is a wolf. As the car gets damaged they call for help and wait for this help to arrive. But things take a turn for the dark when the previously strongly bleeding creature is no longer lying on the road, but has disappeared. These moments of mystery where also the best parts of the film in my opinion. And they are the reason why I give this film more than a 4/10. Later on, when the monster is visible all the time (looks pretty generic, but it's fine I guess), especially when the ambulance arrives, the film gets worse fairly quickly. The scenes with the missing repairman are still fairly solid. And sadly, at the very end, it becomes absurd when the helpless small daughter kills the monster that killed so many much stronger people before that. It's already fairly unrealistic that the mother is able to fight it for so long to be honest. So all in all these 1.5 hours had some ups (mostly first half) and some downs (mostly second half). Also about the mother-daughter relationship, I was not too impressed with this part of the plot. It seems the film tries to be more relevant and important and deep than it actually is and I could have done without these, even if the film had a runtime of under 80 minutes that way. I hope for his next project, Bertino goes mostly for mystery as these segments with the two stuck in the car were when the film was at its best and I was on the edge of my seat. It's probably a decent watch for horror film enthusiasts, but I am not too eager to suggest it to everybody else that don't fit this description. Cautious thumbs-up.