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Titans of the Ice Age transports viewers to the beautiful and otherworldly frozen landscapes of North America, Europe and Asia ten thousand years before modern civilization. Dazzling computer-generated imagery brings this mysterious era to life - from saber-toothed cats and giant sloths to the iconic mammoths, giants both feared and hunted by prehistoric humans.

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Titans of the Ice Age movie full length review - Come see it while it's still cold!

An amazing film that is awesome to watch front row, where the Mammoth is in your face, as are the Sabre Toothed Cats and Dire Wolves.

A highly entertaining documentary film depicting North America just before 12,000 years ago (or 10,000 BC). The fight and hunting sequences were amazing. A short and magnificently animated battle between 2 bull mammoths was well-done. When the Sabre Tooth invades a Wolf pack's meal and kills one of them, my heart raced with the roar and yelp. And of course, no prehistoric film of any kind is allowed to neglect the presence of a tar pit. This is a good film to take your kids to if they loved the 2002 classic "Ice Age". Come see it in your local IMAX theater while it's still hot. Excuse me, cold.