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A man forced to confront his past when he and his girlfriend end up entangled in a web of lies.

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Trash Fire movie full length review - Not funny, not scary

The trailers for this movie are fantastic. The movie itself is dull and humor less. I caught myself falling asleep 3 times.

Trust me, I didn't fall asleep long enough to miss anything good-there was nothing good about this movie except the acting. The actresses who played the girlfriend, the sister, and the grandmother all did very well with the poor material they were given. Especially the actress who played the sister, even though her first scene was nonsense. The writer seems to be trying too hard to offend. But there is nothing here that anyone who would seek out this movie would actually be offended by. It's like Justin Beiber trying to act tough-but not as pitifully amusing. There are unexplained HUGE details that the characters literally don't notice-why are they there? The props guy just having his own fun, or poor editing of the final version? There certainly weren't time restrictions-they could have narrowed down the first 45 minutes of the film into a 10 minute set-up, then had more time to flesh out the actual "main" section of the movie. I feel like there was probably a better original vision for this movie that got lost along the way, and I'm disappointed for the actresses involved- they really did turn in fine performances.