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Set in a 19th century village, a young man studying under a local doctor joins a team of hunters on the trail of a wolf-like creature.

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Werewolf: The Beast Among Us movie full length review - Nothing special but not totally unwatchable.

From an extreme werewolf movie fan I'm always excited to watch any wolf movie they come up with regardless if it is direct to video or is completely panned by critics so automatically I was excited for this one.

When the movie ended there really wasn't anything that wowed me but I found many aspects that found it definitely acceptable.

A small town is being terrorized by a savage beast that seems to be constantly on the move and has no set pattern. A group of werewolf hunters decide to take matters into their own hands to run the beast out and rid the world of werewolves once and for all. Delving deep into investigation they come upon things only nightmares come up with and find that killing the savage beasts is much more difficult than they thought.

I found the storyline was really the only thing that saved the movie from really going down hill. They came up with a very interesting twist that I've never seen in a werewolf movie before and it was well done on screen and made they story that much more interesting. They mixed the love story and action a lot better but really could have used a lot more of the werewolf on screen other than just hiding behind trees. My only real big complaint was the story was a bit dragged and could be very slow moving at points.

Acting was terrible as you would expect from a direct to video horror movie but I've seen a lot worse. No one famous but some actors didn't do such a bad job; Guy Wilson as Daniel was probably the best performance, Ed Quinn as Charles wasn't a total loss he fits the character of but acting was sloppy, Adam Croasdell as Stefan was by far the worst and I tried to find something good in his performance but I really can't I really found every time he was on screen it was just irritating.

Special effects were bad but its low budget so it's understandable. werewolf transformations, we only get to see it once from human to wolf and once from wolf to human and it didn't let me down as much but I really wish there was more and it could have improved a bit. Blood and guts were probably the most well done thing, there was a bit to many dead bodies but overall a job well done.

When the movie ended I kept feeling the movie would have been a lot better if it had to be a sequel to The Wolfman instead of a spin off, but overall a decent story is pretty much the only thing that makes it acceptable other wise there's nothing special. So if you're a werewolf fan at least give it a watch.

Overall rating: ***** out of **********

**1/2 out of *****