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Alex Gibney explores the phenomenon of Stuxnet, a self-replicating computer virus discovered in 2010 by international IT experts. Evidently commissioned by the US and Israeli governments, this malware was designed to specifically sabotage Iran’s nuclear programme. However, the complex computer worm ended up not only infecting its intended target but also spreading uncontrollably.

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Zero Days movie full length review - Don't listen to people covering for the US gov...

"If you really are interesteD in the stuxnet please see the seminar for Google people by Carey Nachenberg instead. That gives you the real story without any politics."

The Seminar for Google, prepared by Carey Nachenberg of Symantec Corporation... one of the very entities involved in making the malware no doubt.

That's like asking Hitler to do a seminar on why Nazi's aren't so bad, and why American's who went to war with them are just being anti-German.

After watching this film I can honestly say as an IT professional for the past 25 years I'm that much more going to never touch a version of Windows above 7 64 bit--due to it's malware-like behaviour. Cortana, the windows 10 AI, which is not optional; it has it's groundwork installed by Windows 8 hence your free upgrade. It's a prototype of it really and a bunch of windows 7 updates are almost just as bad if you let them install, but thankfully there is still the option with that version.

Capitalism is one big circle jerk, and if your name isn't followed by TM or INC or LLC, there's a good chance you're not getting anything out of it.

Everyone develops malware, it's the new cold war; and everyone who develops it has a corporate logo and makes a profit off it. Be good little consumers now, and go spend money on their products.